Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Back 2 Back Wedding Extravaganza!!!

Hello Fans!

I just had an amazing weekend! Wow 2 weddings in one weekend.

In a few words, I would describe them both as...awesome, fun, exciting, sweet & beautiful! I always feel so lucky to be present on that special day! Especially when they're doing their vows and I'm up close and personal with them, I feel as if I can hear their hearts's so special! I really love it!

Congratulations to Jacquanna & Akhenaton and also Amy & Trevor!!!

Photos will be up soon!!!

On another note, I also want to congratulate Shahina & Chris on their new addition to their family! I was there to take photos of their beautiful family and I will post photos of that soon as well. Baby Yasir is so handsome! Congrats happy couple!

Lots to look forward to..yeay!

Thanks :)

Much Love,